Tuesday, January 12, 2010


after some success with the finger joints, though not being satisfied with how long they take to make, i decided on another style, this a sort-of modified half-lap, secured with dowels. the removal of a bit of the face on two of the sides provides maximum glue surface area, while also keeping the desirable look(from the front, anyway) of the finger-jointed corners, in a fraction of the time. and frustration. good deal.
here's an in-process shot of an unfinished corner. the dowels are cut to be proud of the side of the frame, and then flush-cut prior to sanding. the dowels also provide extra surface area for gluing, and, i think, make for a subtle detail in the finished corner. .
a piece by Jim Houser, framed for my friend Julie. reclaimed pine, walnut stain, wax. 20x30ish.
detail of the new corner. the grain on this frame really stood out beautifully after finishing, glowing with a rich golden-red. bully!
a print by Maya Hayuk, also for said friend, mahogany, cherry stain, wax. roughly 22x40.
subtle dowels
i like the end-grain contrast against the adjacent straight. .
and, finally a paper-cut on wood panel by swoon, part of her 'fishscale' series. looked a little lost just hanging on the wall alone, so i was given the instruction to make it more 'dramatic'. . reclaimed pine (from shipping pallets. more on that later. . ), sloppily applied walnut dye and ebony stain, wax. full of holes from nails and dents and rot, the wood was picked specifically for it's features and characteristics. the wood the paper is mounted to looks to be old painted floor moulding, so i felt it appropriate. you can see through the holes and spaces between the slats. 7x13ish.

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