Friday, January 8, 2010


here're more frames from the same 'works on paper' show. .

this was for a painting by Alicia Neal ( pine, finger joints, walnut dye, cherry stain, wax finish. .

a lovely piece by Justin Gray (, too bad you can't see all the detail. . sorry. the frame is maple, light coat of ebony stain, overextending lap joint corners, dowels to lock the joint. this show solidified my resolve to never do a simple mitered corner again, and also never use nails to join those corners. i've also found that framing friend's artwork provides me a good reason to try almost anything, and so far it seems to have been pretty successful. . thanks, fellas, for freedom granted. . i hope you're all pleased with the results. i am.

and finally, for good measure, my submission to the 'works on paper' show. a life size woodblock of Latimeria Chalumnae, the coelacanth. no frame. . mulberry paper mounted on a plywood panel.

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