Tuesday, February 2, 2010


does: get into accident
does: lose truck
does: miss truck

so, the other day a woman decided she needed her giant pickup to occupy the same space and time as my wee one, and so ran a red light and creamed me. i was fine, a little shaken, but otherwise ok, which to her credit she made sure of. . before fleeing the scene in her truck. fortunately, a witness was hasty to get a photo of her license plate for me. thanks, guy! anyway, the cops went to her house, where she had gone, and after she failed a breathalizer test, apprehended her and took her to a hospital for blood tests to use as evidence in our court date, sometime in march. .

interesting note- when i recovered my ipod from the floor of the truck, the song that was playing? 'travel is dangerous' by mogwai. irony? you bet.